Vanilla Bean

 Scent Description Vanilla Bean is a traditional favorite. This fragrance has a classic creamy and rich, full-bodied vanilla scent.

Not all Wax Melts are created equal!

Most Wax Melts on the market today weigh .8 ounces. Some up to 1 ounce. Scent-Centric Wax Melts weigh 1.2 ounces and come in a mess-free, easy to use disposable liner.

1) Remove the shrinkwrap packaging (read the warning label first). 2) Place the Scented Wax Melt & liner in your wax warmer dish. 3) Turn on your wax warmer 4) Enjoy hours of the finest fragrances available  5) Simply remove the liner and dispose of once the fragrance has faded. That's all there is to it! You will never have to clean your warmer dish again!

  • Although our liners are made to be disposed of to make clean-up a breeze, they can be reused. Your mood may call for a certain scent in the morning and a different one later in the day. No problem! Just remove the liner and replace it with another. You can replace and re-melt them as many times as you like until the scent fades.
  • Maximize scent duration by placing your Wax Warmer away from fans, air/heat vents, open windows, doors, etc.
  • This Wax Melt is phthalate and paraben free.
  • We do not test any of our products on animals and source only from suppliers with policies prohibiting animal testing.


  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Do not leave your wax warmer unattended during use.
  • Use only UL or ETL listed electric warmers designed for wax. Never heat on a stove or other non-approved appliance.
  • Do not add water.
  • Do not melt less than the content provided in the disposable liner.

What is a Wax Melt?
Scent-Centric Wax Melts are 1.2 ounces of highly fragrant wax shipped in a mess-free disposable liner. 

What makes Scent-Centric Wax Melts superior to others in the market?
We have an established and trusted base of high-quality fragrance and essential oil manufacturers and suppliers. Our proprietary wax blend is formulated to hold a high percentage of fragrance oils and all of our scents are extensively tested before they are put into production. Attention to the smallest of details assures consistency from batch to batch. And with our innovative disposable Wax Melt liner, you will never clean your wax warmer dish again!

What is a Wax Warmer?
A Wax Warmer is a decorative electric device that melts scented wax, releasing the fragrance into the air. Scented wax is placed into a dish that sits on top of the warmer. A bulb heats the underside of the dish which in turn, melts the wax and disperses the scent. 

Why is the wax not filled to the top of the disposable liner?
Our disposable Wax Melt liners contain a minimum of 1.2 ounces of our wonderfully scented wax. They are not filled to the top to make handling truly mess-free. 

How do I know when my Wax Melt needs to be replaced?
It is time to replace the Wax Melt when the scent fades and no longer throws to your satisfaction. Our Wax Melts are tested to last a minimum of 12 hours in normal conditions. Most of our scents will last much longer.  

What does 'cold throw' and 'hot throw' mean?
Cold throw refers to the strength of the fragrance before it is melted. Hot throw refers to the strength of the fragrance after it has melted.

Are Wax Melts safer than candles?
Yes. Because Wax Melts are flame-free, there is no risk of starting an accidental fire. Scented wax does not generate soot. Soot, a black powdery substance (consisting mostly of carbon), is produced when there is an incomplete combustion of fuel. It is a common by-product of candle burning. Long-term exposure to soot has been linked to health concerns.

What kind of wax does Scent-Centric use?
We use a proprietary blend of three paraffin waxes. After over 2 years of testing and tweaking, we feel we created a perfect formula that holds a very high percentage of fragrance.



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