Finding Your Skin Type

Knowing the type of skin you have will help determine which soap is right for you. We offer mild, natural soaps formulated to help your skin look and feel its best. Below is an overview of the five skin types.

Normal Skin Type

If you are fortunate to fall into this category your skin is not too dry or oily. It has found the sweet spot of somewhere between the two.

Characteristics of normal skin: Skin generally has a soft texture, even tone, and is usually blemish-free. Occasional outbreaks clear up quickly. While you may sometimes have a little oil or dryness on your face, your skin does not appear shiny and is not flaky at the end of the day.

Dry Skin Type

 Dry skin can be a seasonal issue for some or a year-round battle for others. Most people living in cold weather climates experience dry skin during the winter months. Regardless of when or why you are experiencing dry skin, the results often leave your skin feeling uncomfortable.

Characteristics of dry skin: Skin lacks moisture and generally feels tight. Pores are typically smaller and have less elasticity than normal skin. Your skin may have more visible lines and your complexion will appear duller. Often times people with dry skin will experience flaking.

Oily Skin Type

 The skin provides an over-abundance of oil which often results in breakouts and a shiny complexion.

Characteristics of oily skin: Skin typically has larger pores and a shiny, thicker complexion. The skin is prone to breakouts. Acne, blackheads, and pimples are common.

Combination Skin Type

 Most people experience combination skin to some extent. Areas of oily skin with a few blemishes and other areas of dry patches are common.

Characteristics of combination skin: Skin is likely to be oily in the T-Zone area and dry elsewhere on your face. Blemishes are more likely to appear in T-zone area.

Sensitive Skin

Skin care products and household products that come in contact with the skin can cause many issues for people with sensitive skin. While these triggers are common, reactions may vary greatly in severity.

Characteristics of sensitive skin: Skin may be red, itchy, irritated, or inflamed. Pustules (small blister or pimple on the skin containing pus), skin bumps, skin erosion, or skin flushing/blushing are also signs of sensitive skin.